The Sand Grid Drainage System is a sports turf drainage system that was developed by Bob Hummer over 25 years ago. The system consists of a cross matrix of narrow trenches whose profile is designed to quickly absorb excess moisture and carry it off of the playing surface making conditions playable in a short period of time. Since our first installation in 1988 we have installed over 100 fields throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Our installations encompass all sports and playing fields at all levels of competition including: recreational leagues, high schools, NCAA and professional.

5:47 pm1/2 inch of rain was collected in the bucket and there was some standing water in the outfield.
5:56 pmNine minutes later the heavy rain stops.
6:10 pm14 minutes later and most of the water has dissipated from the playing surface.
6:18 pm22 minutes after the rain has stopped and the field is ready to play! All of the standing water in the outfield is also gone.
“He has always done an excellent job and because of this, we continue to use his services to produce high quality athletic fields.” Mr. Bob Hudzik, Director of Outdoor Facilities, Penn State University Read More Testimonials

Applications and Benefits of a Sand Grid Drainage System

Any natural grass sports field with drainage problems can benefit from the Sand Grid Drainage System. The Sand Grid System can be designed to work on any field no matter what sport is being played. The system can be installed as a part of new construction or over top of existing grass. The Sand Grid System will improve the playability and performance of your sports field without compromising the moisture and

nutrient holding capacities of the soil profile. This is possible because we do not remove the native topsoil between the Sand Grid trenches. The Sand Grid System provides increased drainage capacity much like that of a sand based field but at a fraction of the cost. With the system in place you can take better advantage of your facility by increasing use and decreasing time lost after heavy rains.

Sand Grid Drainage Installation Diagram

How is it installed?

The Sand Grid Drainage System can be installed as a part of a new field construction project, existing field renovation or over top of an existing grass field. All of the specialized equipment used to install the system is equipped with flotation tires which leaves the field surface undisturbed. All trench spoils are conveyed directly into flotation tired carts and hauled off site. The materials used to backfill the trenches are done so with specialized carts and hoppers.

The entire process is closely monitored for quality control which eliminates contamination of materials onto the surrounding grass or topsoil areas. All sand and gravel used as a part of the drainage system is selected and tested to meet USGA standards for drainage. The installation time for a regulation soccer field is approximately one week. Installations done over existing grass surfaces are playable almost immediately.

“We got pounded with some heavy rain today. I’m just amazed at how well the water moves on that field and how good the footing is on the infield. There was maybe one or two soft spots from the rain and that was it. I may not even have to order Turface this year! Great job Matt!” Cheryl Miller, Volunteer Stadium, Williamsport, PA Read More Testimonials

Meet Matt Wimer - Our Turfgrass Professional

Matt is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a double major in plant science and landscape horticulture and a minor in plant biology. He was a four year letter winner as a catcher on the Blue Hens baseball team. He has been involved in the preparation and management of projects for Penn State University, Little League International and the Philadelphia Phillies. Matt brings both his knowledge as a turf manager and the experience of a Division One athlete to every project. He has also attained the title of Certified Natural Turf Field Builder through the American Sports Builders Association.

“Great service and professionalism. Hummer provided the drainage, irrigation, and sod on our recent football field renovation project, and it was a project well done!” Mr. Bob Ross, Director of Building & Grounds, Solanco School District Read More Testimonials

Great Turf drainage systems start with the right equipment

Turf Tender Sand Injector Wizz Wheel

What our clients have to say about Sand Grid Drainage System

The rain soaked 2009 football season left Spartan Stadium in need of a major facelift. The 36 year old football field was a “Mud Bowl” due to many years of lacking proper maintenance and poor field drainage. In January of 2010 we addressed the problem and looked at several replacement options which included turf. Certainly in the climate of today’s school budgets, cost and performance became an important factor in our decision to replace our antiquated field. The Hummer Turfgrass Sand Grid system was the perfect solution to our needs. A timetable was set and the work was completed well ahead of schedule. Because of the timing of the entire project, my Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds and I took a personal interest in its day to day progress. The workers on the job were true professionals who took extreme pride in their workmanship.

We are now in the second season and getting ready to play our home opener after 5 solid days of rain that dropped more than 15 inches of water in our region. My athletic director, the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, and I were on the field 30 minutes after it stopped raining on September 8, 2011 and to our surprise, our shoes were dry. We are true believers in the Sand Grid system. Prior to the field renovation, we would have been playing in the mud and by the second series not a number on the jersey would be visible. Believe me when I say this... The Hummer Sand Grid System does everything it claims to do and more. Thanks Hummer for providing our “Boys of Fall” a first class field to continue their winning football tradition.

Dr. Andrew D. Smarkanic
North Schuylkill School District Superintendent
Ashland, PA

We have had drainage problems on our football field for years. By the end of the season the field was always a mushy muddy mess. The Hummer Sand Grid System has eliminated this problem entirely. Our field is playable no matter how much rain we get. Now instead of complaints, we receive compliments on our field. The Hummer team did a professional job and was a pleasure to work with. Our system was installed in June and by the opening game, the field looked perfect. A Hummer Sand Grid System is the best investment you can make in a natural field.

Brian Polito
Business Administrator & Board Secretary
North East School District

During the planning stages of our football field project we foresaw no reason to change what we had existing, this is why we decided to stick with Hummer Turfgrass Systems to finish the project.

Over past years the Sand Grid drainage on this field has performed well and we felt it pertinent to install the Sand Grid again. The staff at Hummer was a pleasure to work with during this project, paying close attention to detail to ensure a professional end product. Administrators, coaches, athletes, the community, and myself are more than happy with the work that was completed. Thanks again for a job well done!

Jon Yorgey
Wyomissing Area School District
Grounds Foreman

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